Related Projects, Events and Partners

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  • Digital Arts and Humanities (link...)
  • Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London (link...)
  • Digital Humanities Island, Second Life (link...)
  • EPOCH: European Research Network on Excellence in Open Cultural Heritage (link...)
  • ICOMOS ENAME Charter for the Interpretation of Cultural Heritage Sites (link...)
  • Informatica Umanistica, University of Pisa (link...) 
  • King's Visualisation Lab, King's College London (link...)
  • Implementing The London Charter in Second Life Project (link...)
  • Making 3D Visual Research Outcomes Transparent: Symposium and Expert Seminar (link...)
  • Science and Technology in Archaeological Research Centre, The Cyprus Institute (link...)
  • London Charter research programme at the Institute of Art History, University of Wrocław, Poland link...)